Holodomor Memorial Parkette

Between 1932 and 1933, Ukraine suffered a famine affecting the major grain-producing areas in the region. The famine, known as the Holodomor, was a result of forced collectivization, a policy that was deliberately planned and executed by the Soviet regime …

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Fiesta Farms Canopy

Christie Street Building Frontage 

The new ‘pandemic reality’ has produced a condition that has a substantial impact to the function and expanded role of the grocery store – both inside and outside. On the exterior, the careful control of access …

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Un_Avenues Research

Brown + Storey Architects Inc. have been involved in the research of housing types that intensify the yellowbelt neighbourhoods along Toronto’s north-south transit connected Avenues. This research is intended to explore opportunities to redevelop underutilized neighbourhoods and challenge the viability …

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Exhibition Place Mapping

The Exhibition Place Mapping series contains 24 different maps illustrating the Exhibition Place grounds. These maps illustrate a range of site conditions, including spatial and compositional organization, building and landscape types, and historical transformation. These maps were developed as a …

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Bike Shelter Prototype

This prototype for a bicycle storage room proposes a new innovation for cycling infrastructure facilities. The idea of the structure is to retain openness without overly defining inside and outside space as in a container. This anti-container approach utilizes framed …

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Main Square Possibilities

The possibilities of Main Square is a beginning point for the Danforth community to look at a broader set of linkages and a constellation of elements – local retail, employment, housing, transit / mobility connections, parks access, reactivation of public …

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West Toronto Railpath

The West Toronto Railpath has transformed two kilometres of railway spur line that served Toronto’s west end industries during the 19th and 20th centuries, with a new linear open space supporting a cycling and pedestrian multi-trail. The path is punctuated …

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Maple Pumping Station

The Maple Pumping Station expansion took place in the context of York Region’s continuing growth and need to expand its water system. The situation of the Maple Pumping Station within an existing residential community required a design that responded to …

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Massey Harris Park

Occupying a small site between condominiums in a rapidly changing downtown neighbourhood, Massey Harris Park was built to be a local gathering spot for young and old as well as a way to get from one point to another.
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Tecumseh Park Master Plan

The Tecumseh Park Facility Master Plan has been prepared to develop strategies and ideas for the revitalization of one of Chatham-Kent’s most significant public spaces. Tecumseh Park remains the heart of Chatham by virtue of its central physical position, its …

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Jean Sibelius Square Park

Jean Sibelius Park is a modest and compact park located in an older neighbourhood of Toronto. Over time, the recreational uses of the park and its current spatial allocations became a source of conflict among a greater diversity of users. …

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Carlaw-Dundas Quarter

Brown + Storey Architects Inc. were commissioned with Rodger Todhunter Associates (landscape architects/planners) to produce a Capital Design Strategy for the area around the intersection of Carlaw Avenue and Dundas Street in Toronto. Wedged between more conventional residential neighbourhoods and …

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Yonge-Dundas Square

Yonge + Dundas Square was conceived as a new civic space in the centre of downtown Toronto.  It is located at the crossroads of Yonge Street and Dundas Street, one of the most prominent intersections in the city.  The project …

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College Street Narrowing

Titled “A Creative Landscape for Making a Living,” Brown + Storey Architects’ Master Plan for upgrading the pedestrian realm along a key stretch of Toronto’s College Street transformed a city plan for status quo replacement into a successful enhancement program. …

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St. Hilda’s Walk

Trinity-Bellwoods Park is one of Toronto’s most beloved and heavily used open spaces, accommodating thousands of daily visitors in all seasons. With St. Hilda’s Walk, Brown + Storey Architects Inc. with City of Toronto Parks and community stakeholders to convert

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Coronation Park Pavilion

Coronation Park Pavilion was developed as a node to an extensive but unelaborated waterfront trail along Toronto’s shoreline. The pavilion provides public facilities of washrooms, shelter and rest, with lockers and showers for the baseball diamonds in the park. The …

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Palmerston Boulevard Study

This study documented and analyzed the unique nature of the individual houses and their relationship to the urban form and landscape of the collective elements of Palmerston Boulevard in Toronto. Comparisons to other streets, like St. George Street and High …

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