Oracle Square is a receptor and transmitter, an attraction and garden, a passage and a pause, populated by a loose savannah of vertical and horizontal figures that define space and intensity, and introduce interactivity for the Entertainment District A wide …

The Landmark on the Liffey must show a robust constructability. The new podium and tower must create a landscape for making a living – to be an organism that draws in and enables its constituent parts and inhabitants to be …

The name for this project, Restless Ecologies, refers to a primary focus: anticipating a constant movement and exchange – a restlessness – of actions and reactions in an ever evolving interconnected set of ecologies: ecologies that encompass water, energy, biodiversity, …

The characteristics of this design are those that create and explore relationships between formerly separated elements. At its primary level, the city to waterfront break is repaired and reformatted by mixing the elements of built form and open space clearly …

The CN Tower is the premier tourist destination for Toronto, and certainly one of the most well-known sites in Canada. In turn, the site of the CN Tower addresses many of Toronto’s key urban conditions, presenting substantial opportunities to form …


Our approach to the challenge of public electric car charging infrastructure along major highways treats the travelers as agential activators, engaging with technology, media, culture, and landscape. As much as the structures are architectural, they are apparatuses and instruments …

View of the Brown+Storey Architects' proposed Public Scaffold.
Our winning Green Line Competition B entry proposed a two-level bridge crossing for underpasses along Toronto's crosstown freight line, partially enclosed in an ephemeral glass scaffold suitable for mounting public art and announcements.

Our proposal envisions sequences of semi-enclosed rooms created by structured hedges. Safe views to the adjacent rail corridor are maintained in the gaps between sections of green wall.
Our Green Line Competition A entry proposed a sequence of structured open spaces along the linear corridor created by Toronto's crosstown freight lines.

The CCA publication, ‘The Singularities of a Metropolitan Archetype’, shows a series of figures prepared in 1966 by the City of Montreal Planning Department modeling hypothetical plans for 10 million inhabitants: the star-shaped metropolis, the galactic metropolis, and the concentrated

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The mouth of the Don River is both a spectacular …

In 2006, the City of Stratford held an initial international design competition for the redesign of Market Square, a historically-significant public open space behind Stratford City Hall that over the course of the twentieth century had become an asphalt parking …

Brown and Storey Architects were one of five finalist teams chosen from 180 international submissions to design a new metropolitan park for the 320 acre site that was formerly the Canadian Forces Base Downsview.