R.A. Morrow Memorial Park Master Plan

R.A. Morrow Memorial Park Master Plan

Morrow Park is Peterborough’s large agricultural fairground, hosting an annual summer horticultural fair. This large 27 acre park is located on the main approach to the city and forms a prominent entrance to the downtown core. It is home to the Memorial Arena for the Peterborough Petes Hockey Team and a regular farmers market.

The Master Plan for Morrow Park was approved by Council in the fall of 2011, and contains ambitious ideas that reformulate the perimeter of the space as a generous new linear park planted with a thick green membrane of trees and pathways. This beginning phase of work sets a new scenario for a full range of improvements to its connections to the city, its expansion of programming and everyday use, future expansion of the arena, a new public square and improved public facilities for the various stakeholders in the park: the Agricultural Exhibition, the Kawarthas Gymanstics Club, and the Farmers Market.

The reintroduction of Morrow Park to adjacent Lansdowne Street has been incorporated into the overall park improvements. A new roundabout and boulevard to the park are proposed with public scale trellises, walkways and a surrounding linear park.

Read the full report: R.A. Morrow Park Master Plan.

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