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The Dupont Triangle and the Surrounding Precinct

The Dupont Triangle is a proposed developed precinct centered on a new vehicular and pedestrian roundabout. The roundabout is the coming-together of six different streets: Dupont Street, that passes down the rail corridor, …

View of the Brown+Storey Architects' proposed Public Scaffold.
Our winning Green Line Competition B entry proposed a two-level bridge crossing for underpasses along Toronto's crosstown freight line, partially enclosed in an ephemeral glass scaffold suitable for mounting public art and announcements.

Brown + Storey Architects Inc., working on a team led by Stevens Group Architect, produced an innovative and award-winning urban design for the public spaces and bus terminal that surround a revitalized Victoria Park subway station in Toronto.  The project, …

The West Toronto Railpath has transformed two kilometres of railway spur line that served Toronto’s west end industries during the 19th and 20th centuries, with a new linear open space supporting a cycling and pedestrian multi-trail. The path is punctuated …

Waterfront Toronto

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ZAS Architects
Nina-Marie Lister
Brookner Studio
Kidd Consulting
Applied Ecological Services
Moffatt + Nichol
Pine + Swallow Associates
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The mouth of the Don River is both a spectacular …