OPWA Project of the Year Award — Jack Darling Park / Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant Retrofit

Structures >$50M, 2013

National Urban Design Award — Victoria Park Transit Plaza and Bus Terminal

Certificate of Merit, 2014 (RAIC 2014 National Urban Design Awards)

An iconic piece of urban infrastructure that not only fulfills its transportation function but also demonstrates how such projects can be civic and social infrastructure that provide spaces of commodity and delight in architecture and the landscape. The Victoria Station provides a model for similar transit infrastructure renewal and enlightened design across Canada.

OAA Award — Victoria Park Transit Plaza and Bus Terminal

Design Excellence, 2014 (OAA Awards 2014 Winners Gallery)


CWWA Utility Excellence Award — Jack Darling Park / Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant Retrofit

Implementation of New Technologies - Large Utility, 2013 (CWWA Utility Excellence Awards 2013)

Canadian Consulting Engineers Award — Jack Darling Park / Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant Retrofit

Award of Excellence, 2013 (CCE Awards 2013)

Toronto Urban Design Award — Victoria Park Transit Plaza and Bus Terminal

Award of Excellence - Public Buildings in Context, 2013 (Jury Report)

"Until recently, Victoria Park subway station and bus terminal suffered from a variety of ills, none as glaring as how user-unfriendly it was to its customers. Now, the station should be held up as an example of how the TTC should modernize its transit hubs. Among the improvements are an attractive streetscape at the main entrance, added windows to provide more natural light, widened pedestrian pathways, new public art and more pedestrian connections to the station."

Green Line Ideas Competition Winner — Toronto Green Line: Public Scaffold

1st Prize, Competition B: Underpass Solution, 2013 (website)

Related: B+SA’s Public Scaffold proposal wins the Green Line Ideas Competition B

Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Sustainable Communities Awards — Victoria Park Transit Plaza and Bus Terminal


Ontario Wood WORKS! Award — Kingston Park Revitalization

Institutional and Commercial Wood Design, 2012 (press release)

Press: Kingston Park Revitalization Project earns provincial award

National Urban Design Award — West Toronto Railpath

Certificate of Merit - Civic Design Projects, 2012 (RAUC 2012 National Urban Design Awards)

"The project combines wisely the restoration of historical rail bridges with the installation of new public art, [...] showing a fusion of public spaces and a new idea of ‘conciliatory public spaces’ bridging the roughness of the rail lines and the neighbourhoods it crosses."

CWWA Utility Excellence Award — Barrie Surface Water Treatment Plant

Implementation of New Technologies - Medium Utility, 2012

Parks and Recreation Ontario Award — Kingston Park Revitalization

Excellence in Design, 2012 (website)


YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes International Ideas Competition — YUL-MTL Competition: Undercover Montreal

Winner, 2011 (Competition Results)

The preparation of such an urban framework strategy could allow all local
actors involved in the planning of the gateway corridor to coordinate their
actions so that this territory becomes a priority area for development at the
regional level.

Communities in Bloom Award — Kingston Park Revitalization

Landscape Ontario Green for Life - Park Award, 2011

Press: Kingston Park earns Communities in Bloom award

Toronto Urban Design Award — West Toronto Railpath

Award of Excellence - Small Open Spaces, 2011 (2011 Jury Report)

"The West Toronto Railpath ... represents an inspiring example of how urban exploration and ecologically-minded advocacy can create important new public spaces... [and] a unique local response to a previous era's transportation infrastructure."


Ashbridges Bay Landscape Design Competition — Ashbridges Bay Perimeter Landscape

Winner, 2010 (Project Website)


Design Exchange Award — West Toronto Railpath

Landscape Architecture - Bronze, 2009


OAA Award

Award of Excellence, 2004

OAA Award — Massey Harris Park

Award of Excellence, 2004


Design Exchange Award — Yonge-Dundas Square

Merit Award - Environments Category, 2003


Toronto Urban Design Award — College Street Narrowing

Honourable Mention - Visions and Master Plans, 2001 (Jury Comments)

"Some of the simplest urban design strategies are often the most effective. The College Street plan would restore pedestrian scale through properly scaled sidewalks, street furniture and trees: simple ingredients that go a long way toward making our cities more livable." - Peter Ellis

"This project recognizes that the main streets of Toronto are the "public living rooms" for the adjacent residential neighbourhoods, and the importance of their urban design qualities. The fundamental strategies of this project are good enough that they should also be tested for applicability to other similar conditions in the city." - David Oleson


Architecture Magazine — Yonge-Dundas Square

Citation, 2000

"This is a dynamic way of dealing with urban space and creating a new form or type of urban space with great presence. This is something to be encouraged... very thoughtful work."


Canadian Architect magazine, Award of Excellence — Yonge-Dundas Square

Significant Building in the Design Stage, 1999


Toronto Urban Design Award — St. George Street Revitalization

Award of Excellence, 1997

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