Rendering of B+SA's alternative proposal for the boundaries of Metrolinx's Georgetown South Corridor Expansion, promoting the use of new trees, living walls, and new trails and linear parks to soften the corridor's impact on neighbourhoods.

Metrolinx is expanding its commuter rail corridor through West Toronto in order to provide capacity for the Union-Pearson Express air-rail link and expanded GO Transit service to Georgetown, Guelph and Kitchener. The corridor passes through mature neighbourhoods and present-day brownfield …

View of the Brown+Storey Architects' proposed Public Scaffold.
Our winning Green Line Competition B entry proposed a two-level bridge crossing for underpasses along Toronto's crosstown freight line, partially enclosed in an ephemeral glass scaffold suitable for mounting public art and announcements.

Our proposal envisions sequences of semi-enclosed rooms created by structured hedges. Safe views to the adjacent rail corridor are maintained in the gaps between sections of green wall.
Our Green Line Competition A entry proposed a sequence of structured open spaces along the linear corridor created by Toronto's crosstown freight lines.