Barrie Surface Water Treatment Plant

The site for the new City of Barrie Surface Water Treatment Plant and the Low Lift Pumping Station and Rain Water Intake is divided between two areas that are north of Big Bay Point Road, accessible from Royal Parkside Drive. The main treatment plant site is located directly north of Big Bay Point Road on essentially cleared land with some sloping northwards and westwards towards the ravine lands of the Hewitt’s Creek open space system.  More tree planting occurs along the areas of the site closer to the ravine lands. The north part of the site is formed by a constructed berm that creates a distinct edge to the backyards of the newly built residential subdivision. The southeast corner of the site is occupied by a fragmented piece of a historical farmhouse combined with a service yard. This area of the site has been separately zoned for apartments, but there are no specific plans in place for any development.

The Low Lift Pumping Station and Rain Water Intake site is located on the southern shore of Kempenfelt Bay. The residential subdivision occupies the large area of land dividing the pumping station from the water treatment plant. Road access to the pumping station loops through the subdivision street system. The Hewitt’s Creek open space system forms a natural ‘green seam’ between the two sites.  Both sites require different conditions and responses. In both sites, however, a strategic approach should aim towards a stable outer boundary that allows for a core zone to accommodate the necessary structures in such a way that will complement the existing conditions.