Mimico-by-the-Lake Concept Study

Brown + Storey Architects Inc. were engaged by the local city councilor to work with the Mimico-by-the-Lake BIA to provide a concept plan for the renewal of Lakeshore Boulevard and an improved series of connections and public spaces linking the main street to the waterfront in Mimico, a neighbourhood in the city’s west end.

The concept demonstrated the opportunities that existed (and still exist) to coordinate main street improvements (typically undertaken by the City with the involvement of the BIA) with waterfront improvements (typically undertaken by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority). The concept included new streetscape details, main street lighting strategies and improved connecting spaces linking the street to the water.

While improvements to Mimico’s waterfront parks and its section of the Waterfront Trail have continued in the ensuing years, connecting the business district to the water and unifying the district is a task that remains to be seriously undertaken.